Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let's Travel The Time! #VintageFashion

It started last Saturday. After all these years, I've never made my body move... On Januart 21st... I'm taking my dance class (again) WOOHHOOOOOOOO!!! the class started from 8 AM to 2 PM.
Now... MY MUSCLE KINDA SHOCKED AND STARTS TO COMPLAINING *sigh*. I told you once again, before that dance class, all i did was schooling, palying cello, taking private lesson, and all music's stuffs. If you see me walking, right now. I'm pretty sure I look like snail, even snail, faster than me. See, I started hyperbolic.

So, few weeks ago, one of my teacher said that my suitcase reminded her of the style that so hype when she was on elementary school. Yes, I'm trying to achieve the complete vintage look. I'm not into dresses but... why not give it a try?hehehehe. what are we waiting for? Let's jump to the photos!


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